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Slow & Steady: 3 Ways to Slow Down

I’ve been feeling very fast-paced of late, feeling as though I’m hurrying and rushing. Towards where? I have no idea. I decided to go for a walk and to feed my mind with something else, so I was listening to my friend’s podcast who recited a phrase I’m sure we’ve all heard before: “it’s not the journey but the destination that matters.”

It got me thinking about the journey that I’m on. If I keep going at this fast pace, will I even enjoy the steps along the way, the people I meet, the foods I eat, the places I see?

Probably not, if I’m too busy rushing.

So, then it got me thinking, why am I not enjoying the time that I have building this life? How can I slow down?

Do you ever find yourself walking along and you see an old couple holding hands, and for that brief moment you stop and think how beautiful it is, almost like you’re in love with the scene before you?

You know what just happened? You slowed down!

You stopped and appreciated the world around you.

Beautiful feeling, right?

Or, when you’re sipping your coffee and you see on the side of the mug some cheesy inspirational line that reads: today is a beautiful day to be alive and you find yourself smiling?

In that moment, you paused. You were present. You were paying attention to where you are.

What a wonderful moment! And you can have more of those!

I’m sure you’re all thinking so how can I replicate those moments, it’s not as if I can stare at my coffee mug all day? I mean, yes you could, but probably best to expand on that idea.

So, over the last few months, I’ve cultivated certain practices that I’ve found to be extremely helpful. Maybe they can help you too!

Here are a few tips n’ tricks to help you slow down!


I’m sure many of you feel like you can’t and there are too many things to do. I get it. There are. But… since you are the creator of your life, you can create it however you like.

However, if you’re not feeling convinced and need a little more convincing on how important it is to slow down, try listening to my friend’s podcast who speaks about his personal story and journey of coming to the realization of needing to slow down.

I call this “an awakening.”

If you feel doubtful, I guarantee his story will resonate with you, to some degree, and maybe even inspire you to try it for yourself.

Maybe hearing someone explain the ways they learned to slow down, will help you too!

You can listen his podcast on Spotify (search for: Our New Energy), or listen to the specific episode I’m talking about here.

I find that when I’m in need of convincing, listening to other people’s stories is a way for me to realize the importance of what I’m pondering, and I learn something new along the way too!

Usually what happens is that at the very least, I walk away inspired! And that is always an amazing feeling!

So, give it a try!

Tip #2: ME TIME!

I am a huge believer and advocate of self-care and what I like to call “ME” time.

Essentially, it’s self-care time that is much needed!

I know that each of you has a little thing that they do that makes them feel fresh, pretty, and ready to take on life. Whether it’s getting your nails done, buying that Frappe from Starbucks, getting a massage, going on a hike, or even running your heart out at the gym; whatever is your thing, carve out some time in your week to do it.

For this, I typically recommend about an hour or so per week. It’s a small step which, for each of you may differ, but is, in my opinion, a great start toward learning to slow down.

Trust me that it is a crucial aspect of feeling more like yourself, giving your body what it needs, and learning to enjoy life as it’s meant to!

Okay, so I know I’ve mentioned a podcast (newsflash: I love podcasts), I also recommend this other podcast by another friend who discusses the importance of self-care and even offers tips and tricks as well.

She offers different approaches as well to help you carve out time for yourselves throughout the day. She’s also amazing and super cool!

You can check out her podcast here.

Give it a try too! You may become a podcast lover at the end of the day!


You know how they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” but then you find that your breakfast usually consists of a coffee? Yea, so it’s no joke that it really is important because it sets up the fuel for your body for the day.

In the same way that a proper breakfast is an important way to start your day, so too is a morning practice.

I know we all get up whether its’ to go to the gym, or to shower and get to work, or whatever it is, I highly recommend getting up an extra 5 minutes.

Why you may ask? Great question!

Here’s where I introduce a meditative practice!

I know many of you may not feel like you have time to meditate in the morning, or you may not feel like it/ it doesn’t resonate with you, and that’s okay too.

So I have 2 recommendation to help with this tip.

For those of you that are into meditation or would like to begin, I recommend this 5-min morning meditation, which you can do in your bed right when you wake up before you get going. It’s a 5-minute guided meditation that simply sets you up in a positive headspace to begin your day!

You can check out the mediation here!

It’s a nice way to feel centered and it clears out whatever you may be thinking, worrying about, or otherwise occupied with. It’s simple and it’s a start!

For those of you that are not into meditation and/or would prefer to listen to music or something else, I recommend this podcast which consist of about 5-7 minutes of an inspirational thought.

Each of these people usually discusses a mundane thought which turns into inspiration and it’s amazing.

When I started listening to it, I was putting it on in the bathroom as I was getting ready for the day, and I found it to be very inspiring!

Maybe it can inspire you too!

You can find the link here!

These are great ways to learn to slow down! Who knows…maybe after some time, you love it so much you expand on your self-care routines or create entirely new ways to slow down!

Whatever resonates with you, do things at your own pace!

What’s important to remember is that you need to take care of YOU!

Remind yourself that it’s okay to carve out an extra 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ll day will feel even better after it.

After all, when you feel better, everything around you feels better too! It feels like you’re unstoppable and that’s how you deserve to feel…always!

It’s like the phrase in Aesop’s Fables: “Slow and steady wins the race!”

P.S. Please take what resonates with you and what doesn’t, create something that does work for you! This is about what’s best for YOU!

If you’d like to discuss more ideas and practices together, feel free to book a session with me here:

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