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3 Steps to Feeling your Feelings

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

They say that when you’re feeling a ton of emotions you should go through them and feel your feelings. When you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, as hard as it can be, it’s actually the best way to get through those feelings. Eddie Pinero said that “the best way out is always through” and it’s so true!

What are some of the things that you can do to help you go through them? Obviously, none of us want to stay in a weeping ball indefinitely, but we do want to get through them, right?

I mean I completely understand having an overload of emotions and not knowing what to do. It happens to us all and please know that you are not alone!

So, the question is: how to get through the feelings?

I’m here to help! Over the years, here are a few things that I’ve done to help me get through the torrent of emotions.

Hope this helps you too :)


One of the best ways to help process your emotions is by writing things down!

Along with improving memory, expressive writing or journaling can really help with processing emotions and feelings. Something about putting pen to paper to chronicle your experiences, how you’re feeling, and what you wish for, becomes therapeutic in letting the feelings flow through you and out of you.

I think seeing your emotions on paper and giving yourself the space to vent it all out is an incredibly freeing experience!

That isn’t to say that it won’t be difficult, and you may find yourself crying as you’re writing, and you know what? You should let yourself break down. It's okay! In fact, I was crying this morning as I was journaling and processing my feelings as well. We all go through it!

In a way, letting yourself be expressive and free those emotions from inside, tell your emotions and feelings that they matter.

Writing it down helps in telling yourself and your feelings that they are valid and that whatever you’re feeling won’t last forever.

Keep telling yourself: This too shall pass. This phrase has helped me so much in rallying!

At some point, you will start to feel better, slowly, but surely, you will get there! You may feel emotionally spent, but you’ll be so glad, that between you and the paper, you got everything off your chest.

Journaling about your feelings is also a private place for you to divulge anything and everything!

On that note, I also recommend writing what’s known as a “F**K You” letter. This is the kind of letter, that whether you’re feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or whatever the emotion, you let out all of it in a letter that you then proceed to tear up, throw away, burn, toss in the ocean, or even bury it.

Allow yourself to see that you are letting those emotions go. You are feeling and flowing!

Remember how powerful and incredibly brave it is to feel your feelings and allowing yourself to experience those emotions is amazing!


Okay, so, as a water sign, I am a huge believer in the healing properties of water. That being said, I love getting into a hot or cold shower or bath (whatever floats your boat) and allow myself to cry and soak in the water.

Let the water heal you!

There’s something soothing about sitting in a shower and allowing the water to run over you as you let out what you’re feeling. Besides, when you cry, it blends with the water and runs down the drain. (There’s something extremely poetic about that).

If you decide to take a bath, I recommend putting some Epsom salts in the bath to help relax your muscles. It’s an incredibly relaxing experience!

While you’re enjoying the water, play some music that helps lift you or helps you feel your feelings more thoroughly. I’m sure we all have a “heart-break” playlist or a playlist with songs that simply touch deep.

Listen to those! It’s okay!

You’re not helping yourself by bottling up how you feel.

I’d even recommend including some upbeat music after some time on your queue so that you start to feel different emotions as well.

Trust me, it helps tremendously!

This process actually reminds me of a song by a composer whom I absolutely love. His song is a perfect depiction of the journey of emotions from sad to uplifting, from somber/ sad to freedom/flying. The song: Experience by Ludovico Einaudi! This 5-min orchestral composition is some of the most moving music I’ve ever listened to. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I usually put this song on replay and let myself feel whatever it is I need to feel.

I’m almost always uplifted after the experience (no pun intended).

You can find a Spotify link to it here:


Remember when you were a little kid in art class and the teacher laid out a plain paper, some paint and proceeded to play some classical type of music and asked you to paint what you were feeling?

Well, if you have---great! And, if you haven’t---also great! It’s never too late to begin!

If you have experienced it, you probably thought it was so much fun, and it was, yet it's also a fundamental and innocent lesson in expressing your feelings. Utilize that experience and apply it to your present state!

All of us have some creative abilities! For me, I find it extremely therapeutic to paint my feelings. I let the art speak volumes!

Likely it’ll be (a) some of your best work and/or (b) the craziest artwork you’ve ever produced.

You may find yourself with a brand new piece of work for your room decor!

Remember that your emotions are very powerful and your expression of them is how you view them and how you feel about them. The artwork speaks to that!

Whether you paint, draw, knit, sew, sketch, photograph, or whatever your artistic niche, do something to allow those feelings to flow through your creativity!

A place in the States that I love is Color Me Mine and it’s a great place to go to paint plates, cups, mugs, bowls, piggy banks, etc. If you have a paint-your-own craft place near you, I highly recommend going there! Side point: it’s also a great hang-out/activity with friends and family!

Whatever you find yourself doing, allow yourself to feel these emotions. I cannot stress how valid and important they are!

And feeling them shows yourself that it’s okay and that the experiences you’ve gone through are impactful. You are human after all, and feeling is more than okay!

So, wherever you find yourself and whatever you find yourself feeling, remember how important it is to express them and to let them out. These few tips are what have helped me over the years, and I find them to be so therapeutic.

Remember, you’re not alone and we’ve all gone through it too! Allow yourself to feel your feelings.

Give yourself that!

You are an amazing human being, who feels a lot, and that’s a beautiful thing. So let out those emotions, let them flow through you, and let yourself feel!

If you’d like more support and talk about more tips to help you through these emotions, please feel free to book a session here: and we can go through it together and create ways to process them!

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